A Traveller's View | Bratislava

The small big city. Bratislava was established as a town more than two thousand years ago and at the moment is on of the youngest European centres. The city is the Capital city of Slovakia and has a population of less than 500 000. Bratislava, along with it's partner cities, Budapest and Vienna, forms a golden triangle, one of the most attractive regions in Europe.
Bratislava Castle 02Bratislava Castle 01Bratislava Castel StairsBratislava Castle 03Bratislava Castle 04Bratislava Castle and DanubeBratislava Main Town squareBratislava_Apollo BridgeBratislava_Arch-way to Main SquareBratislava_Blue Church (St Elizabeth's Church) 01Bratislava_Blue Church (St Elizabeth's Church) 02Bratislava_Blue Church (St Elizabeth's Church) interior 01Bratislava_Blue Church (St Elizabeth's Church) interior 02Bratislava_Devin Castle 02Bratislava_Devin Castle 03Bratislava_Devin Castle 04Bratislava_Devin Castle 05Bratislava_Devin Castle 06Bratislava_Devin Castle 07Bratislava_Grassalkovich Palace