A Traveller's View | Diving the Blue Hole and Canyon

Dahab is famous for it's dive sites like the Blue Hole and The Canyon. The Blue Hole, in the South Sinai desert, a few mile north of Dahab on the Red Sea Coast, is a submarine sinkhole about 130m deep. Because of the high number of fatalities, the Blue Hole is also know as the "World's Most Dangerous Dive Site" or "Diver's Cemetery".
The Canyon dive site is a fantastic dive site for cave and cavern fanatics.

Dahab The Blue Hole 01Dahab The Blue Hole 02Dahab The Blue Hole 03Dahab The Blue Hole 04Dahab The Blue Hole 05Dahab The Blue Hole 06Dahab The Blue Hole 07Dahab The Canyon 01Dahab The Canyon 02Dahab The Canyon 03Dahab The Canyon 04Dahab The Canyon 05Dahab The Canyon 06Dahab The Canyon 07Dahab The Canyon 08Dahab The Canyon 09Dahab The Canyon 010Dahab The Canyon 011Dahab The Canyon 012Dahab The Canyon 013