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Amsterdam Houseboat Amsterdam, Holland

Amsterdam, the capital city of the Netherlands, derived it's name from Amstelredamme, indicative of the city's origin: a dam in the river Amstel. The oldest stock exchange in the world is located in the city centre. The main attractions in Amsterdam are the many cannabis coffee shops, the red-light district, Anne Frank House, Van Gogh Museum and the Rijksmuseum which attracts more than 3.6 million visitors annually.



Berlin Parliament Dome_7 Berlin, Germany

Steeped in history, Berlin is not only the capital city of Germany, but also the biggest with a population of 3.5 million. Around one third of the city's area is composed of forests, parks, gardens, rivers and lakes. Large parts of Berlin were destroyed in the 1943-45 air raids and during the Battle of Berlin. On 13 August 1961 East Germany began building the Berlin Wall between East and West Berlin. Events escalated to a tank standoff at Checkpoint Charlie on 27 October 1961. At the end of the Cold War in 1989, the Berlin Wall fell on 9 November 1989 and was subsequently mostly demolished.


Prague Charles Bridge_looking east_Cold_01

Prague, Czech Republic

Czech History: 1948 - "Victorious February" - The Communist Party of Czechoslovakia, with Soviet backing, takes control over the government of Czechoslovakia. 1968 - The army of the Warsaw Pact invaded Czechoslovakia in order to stop the liberation process - so called "Prague Spring". 1989 - a non violent "Velvet Revolution" sees the fall of the communist government. 1st January 1993 - the "Velvet Divorce" silently splits the federal state of Czechoslovakia into the Czech Republic and Slovakia.



Auschwitz & Birkenau, Poland

Concentration and extermination camps operated by the Third Reich during World War II.
More on the history of the museum can be read on the Auschwitz-Birkenau home page or on Wikipedia.



Krakow Main Market Square & Cloth Hall Krakow, Poland

Krakow with it's famous Wawel Castle and one of Europe's largest market square has now been declared a World Heritage site. It's also Polands' second largest city and one of the oldest. In addition to it's old town, the former Jewish district of Kazimierz is well worth a visit for it's many renaissance buildings and picturesque streets.

Zakopane Kasprowy Wierch forest Zakopane, Poland

Zakopane is a town in southern Poland, a popular for destination for mountaineering, hiking, skiing and tourism. It lies in the Podhale region at the foot of the Tatra Mountains.
The Tatra Mountains, Tatra or Tatras are the mountain range that form the border between Slovakia and Poland and is part of the Carpathian Mountains.



Warsaw_The Palace of Culture and Science_01 Warsaw, Poland

Warsaw is the capital city of Poland and also the largest city in Poland. During World War II, almost 90% of it's building were destroyed and today it has been painstakingly rebuild after the extensive damage.



Bratislava_UFO bridge 01 Bratislava, Slovakia

The small big city. Bratislava was established as a town more than two thousand years ago and at the moment is on of the youngest European centres. The city is the Capital city of Slovakia and has a population of less than 500 000. Bratislava, along with it's partner cities, Budapest and Vienna, forms a golden triangle, one of the most attractive regions in Europe.



Salzburg Hohensalzburg Fortress 01 Salzburg, Austria

Salzburg, the birthplace of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, was listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1997. The "Old Town" or "Altstadt" is one of the best preserved city centres north of the Alps with its internationally renowned Baroque Architecture. Salzburg is on the banks of the Salzach River at the northern boundary of the Alps. High above the roofs of Salzburg stands the medieval castle complex and modern fortress, Hohensalzburg Fortress.



Munich Main Synagogue_01 Munich, Germany

Munich is the capital and the largest city in Germany located in the state of Bavaria on the River Isar. Munich is also home to the Englischer Garten or "English Garden", which is one of the worlds largest urban public parks with area of 370 ha. The name refers to the style of informal landscape gardening which was popular in the United Kingdom from the mid 18th century.



Tower Bridge open London, England

London is located in the River Thames and is the capital city of England and the United kingdom. It's history is going back to its founding by the Romans, who named it Londinium, and has been a major settlement for two millennia. With more than 300 languages spoken within its boundaries, London has a population of more than 8 million while the London metropolitan area is the largest in the EU with an estimated population of between 12 and 14 million. The London Underground is also the oldest underground railway network in the world.



Arosa 04 Arosa, Switzerland

Arosa is a small town in the canton of Graubünden in Switzerland. It's both a summer and winter tourist resort, and has a well-known skiing area and boasts over 60 kilometres of slopes. With a population of less than 3 500, there are more than 4 000 guest beds. The town of Arosa is at the top of the Schanfigg valley at the foot of the Aroser Weisshorn (2 653m/8 704ft). The two lakes in the centre of Arosa are the Untersee and Obersee and the railway station is at the end of a branch line from Chur.



  2014 Geneva Motor Show Geneva Motor Show

The 84th Geneva International Motor Show, held at the Palexpo from 6 to 16 March 2014. Some 250 exhibitors from about 30 countries share an exhibition area of almost from 110 00 square meters. The 8 sections of the motor show are: Motor cars (3 or 4 wheels), Electric cars and alternative powered cars, Special bodywork for cars, design and engineering, Converted cars (tuned), Accessories and parts, Original equipment manufacturers, Workshop installation for repair and maintenance, Animation.


Aiguille des Drus 01Aiguille des Drus 01Landscape photos of Chamonix-Mont-Blanc. Chamonix

In the shadow of Mont Blanc, at a height of 4 810m, lies the village of Chamonix. Chamonix is situated near the massive peaks of Aiguille Rouges and the famous Aiguille du Midi, and was the site of the first Winter Olympics in 1924. Via the Aiguille du Midi cable car it is possible to access the wolf famous off-piste ski run of the Vallée Blanche. Chamonix is the base for many extreme outdoor activities such as rock climbing, extreme skiing, ice climbing, rafting, canyoning and wing suit flying. Mark Twain described this town as "the death-sport capital of the world".